A proposed consultation will give residents of Lytham and Ansdell a chance to have their say on establishing new parish councils for those areas. 

Fylde Council’s Executive Committee resolved on Tuesday 5 December 2023 to support recommendations from the Community Focus Scrutiny Committee task and finish group on how and when the proposed consultation should take place. 

Lytham and Ansdell were two areas left untouched by the boundary changes following the adoption of community governance review recommendations by full Council in October 2022. While it had been acknowledged that Lytham and Ansdell were still unparished, a decision on establishing new parish councils was deferred to obtain more detailed responses from residents of the affected areas. 

The proposed consultation would be conducted via a mix of online and paper-based surveys along with some local events and sessions for promotion, and with external consultation support undertaking all relevant analysis and reports on the data.  

Cllr Ellie Gaunt, Lead Member for Finance & Resources, said: “Fylde is very fortunate to be home to such an actively engaged community, whether it’s our dedicated local volunteers, our treasured community groups, or voters exercising their invaluable democratic rights. The creation of parish councils in Lytham and Ansdell would ensure full representation to residents at every level of local government. I would encourage all residents of these areas to take part in the consultation once the dates have been announced.” 

Town and parish councils are the first level of local government, empowering communities by giving them a democratic voice and a structure for taking community action, as well as being able to provide some local services. 

The approved indicative timetable for the proposed consultation is based on a projected date of Spring 2025 for the creation of any new parish councils, and the estimated approximate cost of £10,000 would be funded from other revenue budget savings.  

More details on the specifics of the consultation will be published as soon as they are determined. 

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