A pollution incident has occurred which is affecting some beaches across the Fylde Coast. United Utilities have announced that during last night’s storm untreated sewage, mixed with rainwater, was released into the sea. This is due to United Utilities’ sites in Blackpool reaching full capacity whilst repairs are being carried out to a burst pipe at Fleetwood wastewater treatment works.

Please be advised not to swim or bathe in the water at St Annes and St Annes North beaches until further notice. Blackpool Council and Wyre Council are also advising against swimming at Blackpool Central, Bispham, North and South beaches, Cleveleys and Fleetwood beaches until further notice. More information can be found on United Utilities website: https://www.unitedutilities.com/corporate/newsroom/latest-news/united-utilities-responds-to-burst-pipe-at-fleetwood-wastewater-treatment-works/?fbclid=IwAR2reMtFplZz06hKBvtBoOBnIgXNCfb5dAe4hMUNM-7RB8naJ5eu6MWCnew

As a precaution it is also advised that animals are also kept out of the water. Please be reminded of the seasonal dog ban PSPO already in place at St Annes beach. However, following the incident we would advise against animals entering the water along all of our beaches.

Please follow our social media channels for up to date advice on bathing in the sea in Fylde. For more information and advise on all of England’s bathing waters visit Swimfo: Find a Bathing Water



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