The Fylde boasts several major music festivals each of which have superb attendance by both locals and visitors alike. Each town centre has its own space for performers to use free of charge (and St Annes also has a promenade bandstand and domes).

Community held events are always on the lookout for local and new talent too. If you play an instrument, sing in a choir, a band, a duo or on your own, or perhaps you have a gift for silent movement, reciting poetry, dancing or even magic, why not perform in one of our Town Squares and become familiar with the crowds.

  • Keep an eye on our Discover Fylde website for events being hosted. Most need performers and you can get in touch with them directly
  • You could also approach hospitality venues directly to see if they would appreciate your talent
  • Some performance spaces do not have a power supply. Where provisioned, power is separately chargeable.

Please get in touch at and we will pass your details on to the Town you wish to perform at, advising us:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your contact telephone number
  3. What it is you do performance wise
  4. Where you have performed before (if applicable)
  5. Link to your social media account/website (do not send attachments as we will not open them)


Buskers not wishing to perform in the town square designated spaces are also welcome here in Fylde. All we ask is:

1. That you read up on busking so that you do not break any rules and to get the most from the experience.

2. That you do not verbally ask for money in any shape or form, and always say thank you however small the gesture.

3. That you are respectful of pedestrians, retailers, hospitality venues, and that the physical space around you is kept clean and tidy.

4. That the music is not too loud or offensive (suitable for young children to hear for example). If you use an amplifier, please control the volume so that it is audible only to passers-by in the immediate vicinity, not in adjacent shop or office premises

5. That you do not stay in one location all morning and/or afternoon and know when it’s time to quit.

6. That you are sympathetic to locally pre-organised performers and events within the town squares, band stands, domes etc. Out of courtesy contact the event organisers and they could even add you into their programme and social media advertising!

7. That you appreciate others busking. We tend not to support more than two at a time within earshot of each other.

8. That you do not cause an obstruction in the street – keep clear of doorways, street furniture and telephone boxes, and leave space for wheelchairs and pushchairs to pass.

9. That you don’t sell compact discs, tapes etc as this would constitute illegal street trading. In order to sell any merchandise when performing/busking you must apply for a Street Trading Licence from Fylde Council first.

10. That you understand that children under 14 are not allowed to busk.

  • 1 – 2 people Busking allowed where retailers and other businesses are in agreement and are happy with your approach and style of performance.
  • 2+ Please use the email address to ensure you are properly provisioned for and supported within the designated town spaces.