At the Budget Council meeting that will take place on Thursday 4th March, Councillors will look to approve two schemes to improve surface water drainage at both Park View in Lytham and in the vicinity of Eddleston Close in Staining.

Both areas have been subject to flooding over recent years, causing damage to fields and play areas and halting leisure activities and events that have been scheduled to take place.

The drainage improvements at Park View will seek to improve the overall visitor experience as well as creating a safer working environment for staff here. It will also reduce the risk of football fixtures and events having to be cancelled in the winter months due to the fields being flooded.

The improvements in staining will repair and improve the existing surface water culverts servicing Eddleston Close, The Nook, and will also include remedial works to chambers in McLaren Close & Elizabeth Close to improve flow so as not to effect Eddleston Close & The Nook.

A recent study by Jacobs on behalf of Lancashire CC Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), “acknowledged that there was

an extensive history of highway and sewer flooding within the area, which could suggest a wider drainage issue. The Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) also noted reports of riparian owners who had blocked local drainage ditches.”

Councillor Roger Small, Deputy Leader and Chair of the Operational Management Committee said: “I am absolutely delighted to see these two schemes progress as flooding has been a major problem in both areas for some considerable time. We take the issue of flooding very seriously, and in those areas where we have a responsibility, we are determined to act so as to bring about improvements. I look forward to both these schemes bringing about the much-needed changes so that the difficulties experienced now are consigned to the past.”

The improvement works for both schemes, if approved, will look to commence as soon as reasonably possible, and the Council will continue to provide updates on the schemes as they progress.


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