The new permanent toilet facility at North Beach Car Park and the Changing Places Toilet at the adjacent North Beach Wind Sports Centre are now open to the public. 

The North Beach area, located in St Annes off Clifton Drive North, has become increasingly popular in recent years for visitors and motorhomes, and with the opening of the North Beach Wind Sports Centre, Fylde Council’s Operational Management Committee voted to approve the installation of a new modular public convenience to accommodate the additional footfall. 

The Changing Places Toilet facility is one of three funded by Fylde Council’s successful application for the Changing Places Grant in 2021/22, providing a grant of £108,000 supplemented by an additional £12,000 from the Council for a total of £120,000 to cover the cost of establishing these facilities in three locations. 

Cllr Roger Small, Chair of the Operational Management Committee, said: “Our programme to upgrade the Council-owned public conveniences across the borough has been a tremendous success, and we are very proud to now be able to open the first of our Changing Places Toilet locations for those who may need additional facilities. These new installations at North Beach are proof of Fylde Council’s commitment to ensure that all our visitors have easy access to clean, appropriate facilities.” 

The North Beach public convenience is a new modular toilet block consisting of one disabled access toilet and two standard cubicles, installed and serviced by Danfo, and with a fee of £0.40 in line with other Fylde Council owned facilities. A new lighting column provides illumination and a water bottle filler mounted to the exterior provides a free hydration option for people walking the beach.  

Over 250,000 people in the UK need larger facilities to help them get out and about, enjoying the day-to-day activities which many of us take for granted. To use a toilet in safety and comfort, these people need to be able to access a Changing Places Toilet, which has additional equipment such as a height adjustable changing bench and a ceiling hoist, as well as extra space for carers.   

To read more about the Changing Places campaign, including opportunities to get involved and an official CPT map showing facilities in your area, visit the Changing Places website. For a list of Council-owned public conveniences, their locations and opening times, visit the Fylde Council website.  


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