In an effort to enhance the parking experience and offer increased convenience for residents and visitors, Fylde Council have introduced a transferable parking ticket, effective from 24th July. These changes will provide residents and visitors the freedom to explore multiple locations within the Fylde area without incurring additional costs.

Under the current system, parking tickets are valid exclusively for the car park they are purchased on, causing potential inconvenience and extra cost for those wishing to explore different parts of Fylde throughout the day. However, with the introduction of the new transferable parking ticket, people can now enjoy seamless travel between various long stay car parks (excluding Stanner Bank) for a flat-rate fee of £5 on the day of purchase.

No longer will individuals be bound to a single location; instead, they can enjoy the freedom to explore diverse spots within Fylde without the burden of redundant expenses or the hassle of purchasing multiple tickets. This transformative update means that visitors can park their vehicles in one of Lytham’s long stay car parks, embark on their activities, and subsequently venture to St Annes while utilising the same ticket to park.

Councillor Michelle Morris, lead member of Customer & Operational Services said: “We are thrilled to introduce these changes to our parking tariffs. By implementing this new flat-rate ticketing system, we aim to provide our valued residents and visitors with greater flexibility, making it easier for them to travel around Fylde and enjoy all that our beautiful borough has to offer.”

The updated tariff aligns with Fylde Council’s commitment to delivering exceptional services to the community, prioritising accessibility and user-friendly experiences. It also supports local businesses and encourages tourism by eliminating potential deterrents such as parking-related costs and limitations.

From 24th July onwards, both residents and visitors will have the convenience of purchasing a transferable parking ticket from any pay and display machine at our long stay car parks (excluding Stanner Bank). We’re also actively exploring the option to make ticket purchases available via the app, and we’ll keep you updated on its implementation.

For more information about car parks in Fylde, including charges and the maximum motorhome vehicle lengths permitted at different overnight car parks, visit our dedicated parking webpage.


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