In response to a number of recent dog-related incidents in the borough and subsequent requests from the public, Fylde Council has installed bright new signage around areas of protected wildlife requesting that dogs are kept on leads at all times, to create a safer environment for all those enjoying these shared spaces. The public is being asked to be aware of the new request for dogs to be kept on leads at Ashton Gardens, Lowther Gardens, Fairhaven Lake, Promenade Gardens and along the whole stretch of the Promenade.

In addition to the standard enforcement process, officers from the Environmental Enforcement Team have been patrolling the areas where reports have been made, to offer advice and reassurance to the public.

Councillor Roger Small, Chair of the Operational Management Committee for Fylde Council said:

“In Fylde, we are lucky enough to be home to a diverse wildlife population as well as lots of fantastic outdoor areas where we can enjoy sharing the natural habitats of these animals with our own much-loved companions. Unfortunately, several recent incidents have been reported to the Council by the public and local wildlife charities, it is clear we all have a responsibility to protect these areas as well as each other, which is why the new signage and upcoming review of the protected areas is a really important step to ensuring our shared spaces are safe, prosperous, and enjoyable for all.”

Photo: Cllr Roger Small and local resident Alison Allen who has been visiting Ashton Gardens since 2016 and recently reported an injured swan.

A review of the current legal protection in place in these areas is currently underway, with a public consultation to be held ahead of any potential changes to the Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) currently in operation.

A special meeting of the Council is to be held in August, with consideration taken regarding making changes that would mean that dogs would legally have to be kept on a lead at all times in Ashton Gardens, Lowther Gardens, Fairhaven Lake, Promenade Gardens and the parts of the Promenade where this is not already the case. The current PSPO’s for the enforcement of dog control under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 include the requirement that anyone in charge of a dog in these areas must put their dog on a lead when requested by an authorised officer, the same applies to parts of the Promenade and the Promenades Gardens during the off-season.

Information about dog enforcement in Fylde can be found on our website:

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