A new modular toilet facility is to be built at St Annes North Beach, providing permanent public conveniences to visitors, following the awarding of a contract to Danfo UK Ltd by Fylde Council’s Operational Management Committee. 

The North Beach area, located in St Annes located Clifton Drive North, has become increasingly popular in recent years for visitors and motorhomes, and with the upcoming North Beach Wind Sports Centre certain to draw kite-surfers and land yachters in number, it was decided that permanent public toilets would be required to properly serve the area.  

The Operational Management Committee voted to approve the budget of £150,000 for the new block, as well as the implementation of the standard usage fee of £0.40p in line with other Fylde Council owned public toilets. Originally it had been considered to award the contract to Healthmatic Ltd., but with the set-up of their new UK-based manufacturing facility, Danfo were able to provide a revised quote before the decision on the delivery had been made, offering better value for money to the local taxpayer. 

Cllr Roger Small, Chair of the Operational Management Committee, said: “As a Council, we’ve been very pleased with the services Danfo have provided in cleaning and maintaining our public conveniences across the Borough. This new contract will provide both excellent value for money for our residents and a much-needed facility for our welcome visitors.” 

Danfo already supply cleaning, maintenance and cash collection services for other public toilets across the Fylde area and provided both the new modular unit by the Splash Park facility as well as the ‘pods’ in numerous other public toilet blocks throughout the borough. 

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