Fylde Council needs your help naming the new parks pathway sweeping vehicle! 

The specialist sweeper will soon see use keeping clear the pathways at Fairhaven and other parks in Fylde, and needs a name for good luck. Fylde Council will be taking suggestions from the public for the next few weeks and putting together a shortlist in early February – and if your suggestion wins, you’ll receive a family pass for a free crazy golf session at Fairhaven Lake and Gardens.  

Fylde’s award-winning parks and green spaces are a source of great pride for residents and a perennial favourite of visitors. The Scarab MC110 sweeper will replace the older vehicle which was hired to keep the paths at Fairhaven Lake and Gardens clear over the summer, and having seen the vehicle in action during a successful demonstration, Fylde Council’s Parks teams are excited to add it to their arsenal of tools to keep the borough’s green spaces in top-notch condition.  

Cllr Michael Sayward, Chairman of the Tourism & Leisure Committee, said: “I’m delighted to see that the new sweeper is almost ready for action, and that our parks staff are keen to get it into service. This investment was strongly backed by myself and my fellow members, particularly Cllrs Michelle Morris, Cheryl Little, and Ellie Gaunt of Fairhaven Ward, and the Leader of Fylde, Cllr Karen Buckley; we are all delighted to see it arrive and help keep our parks at an award-winning standard.”  

To put forward your suggestions for the new sweeper and stand a chance of winning a family pass for a free crazy golf session at Fairhaven, click here! 


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