The St Annes Boating Pool – the Promenade Gardens ‘Paddling Pool’ across from the Town Hall building – will be benefiting from a series of improvements to make it safer and more accessible for the public.

The improvements will include a new ramp with handhold for inclusive access and a traffic barrier fence between the pool and the road to protect pedestrians. A non-slip rubber surface, similar to that which residents may have seen at the St Annes Splash Park water play area, will be installed to prevent skids and falls. A new public safety sign will provide comprehensive information on how to use the pool safely.

Originally constructed as a boating pool in 1912, the pool is situated next to the octagonal cast-iron bandstand, which is itself a Grade II listed building dating from around 1900. The specifications of the scheme will ensure that the works are in keeping with the style of these iconic examples of Fylde heritage.

Cllr Michael Sayward, Chair of the Tourism and Leisure Committee, said:

“The St Annes paddling pool has delighted visitors for generations, and these new enhancements are designed both to preserve the existing architectural character and to keep people safe.”

Following the proposed tender process, the works are planned to be completed by March 2022. For more information about the St Annes Splash Park and the many other attractions in Fylde, visit the Discover Fylde website.


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