Lytham Hall’s Long Gallery has been nominated by Fylde Council’s Tourism & Leisure Committee to be the new home of the Lytham St Annes Art Collection, following a detailed review of potential venues by officers and elected members. 

The new proposal recommends the Finance & Democracy Committee approve an addition of £65,000, to be met in its entirety from the Capital Investment Reserve, to create a safe and secure dedicated space. This would further ensure that the display of the Art Collection within the Long Gallery would meet the exacting Spectrum standards required for museum-level accreditation. An additional funding of £10,000 annually will be recommended to full Council to allow for the ongoing resourcing and facilitation of the project. 

Councillor Michael Sayward, Chairman of the Tourism & Leisure Committee, said: “Lytham Hall is a treasured asset of not just Fylde but the entire nation, and while all the venues investigated had much to recommend them, we could not help but be impressed by the Long Gallery’s fantastic potential and the opportunity to showcase the Lytham St Annes Art Collection in a Grade I listed historic attraction. After the proposed works are complete, the Art Collection will be safer, more secure, and far more accessible to the public, and it is my firm belief that it will be eligible for museum accreditation.” 

Fylde Council’s Corporate Plan 2020 / 2024 lists as two of its corporate priorities the pursuit of museum accreditation for the Lytham St Arts Collection, and the exploration of options to display the Collection with partners. Once approved, the new proposal would be a bold step towards achieving these goals while also underscoring the Council’s interest in working with Lytham Hall to enhance and preserve the Grade I listed asset.  

Should the Finance & Democracy Committee approve the proposal, Fylde Council, Heritage Trust for the North West, and Lytham Hall would then move forward in partnership to establish appropriate responsibilities for the operation of the gallery and for the items on display. The proposed completion deadline for the works is March 2023.  

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