Fylde Council’s Community Projects Fund has seen yet another great success, helping over 100,000 visitors a year safely access Lytham Hall via their newly constructed pedestrian walk way.

A grant of £2,000 was awarded to The Friends of Lytham Hall charity in March 2019 to introduce a pedestrian walk way running parallel with the main driveway.

Prior to the construction the narrow driveway was shared between pedestrians and vehicles visiting the site. This caused difficulties for people with young children or those with disabilities, as when a vehicle was driving passed pedestrians had to walk along the muddy grass verge.

With construction of the new walk way costing over double the amount of funding availed, the Friends of Lytham Hall sourced over 60 hours of skilled volunteer labourers to construct the path, along with an additional £2,226 match funding.

Mayor of Fylde Councillor Angela Jacques was invited to officially open the new pathway and said: “I am delighted the Community Projects Fund helped towards the completion of the pathway. I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who made the pathway possible by offering their time and skill for the thousands of people’s benefit who visit here every year. Well done to everyone involved.”

Lytham Hall is host to a number of events and is a much loved asset of the local community. With the completion of the new walk way being greatly received by the public and creating high levels of enthusiasm amongst volunteers to extend the path way by a further 100 meters to reach the main gates. The Friends of Lytham Hall have kindly donated an additional £1,056 to see these works go ahead.