A Community Focus Group was established this year with the aim of gathering feedback from our residents to assess the impact of Lytham Festival on our local community. This group brought together residents, elected Members from Fylde Council, and representatives from the event organisers, Cuffe and Taylor. Through productive discussions, valuable feedback played an essential role in guiding both the event organisers and Fylde Council to identify areas for potential improvement for Lytham Festival. As a direct result of this group’s input, various measures were implemented this year, directly addressing the concerns raised by the community thereby enhancing our community’s experience during the festival. Looking ahead, the group intends to meet again to evaluate how the festival went and discuss the necessary steps for future festivals.

In addition, following the festival, Fylde Borough Council and Lytham Festival jointly commissioned an economic impact assessment of Lytham Festival 2023. As part of this evaluation, Spirul, an independent market research agency, is conducting a number of surveys which have taken place during and after the festival. The primary focus of this survey is to understand the potential impact of the festival on the local Lytham and Fylde economy, including factors such as money spent with local businesses, the creation and support of jobs, as well as the disruption to residents and business owners. Throughout the summer, surveys were conducted with residents, businesses, and festival-goers, and the concluding survey work concerning staff and volunteers is now nearing completion. We anticipate that the final impact assessment will be completed by the latter part of September, providing us with a comprehensive insight into the event’s effects on our community.


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