Fylde Council is helping people to ‘Change’ to lose weight, lower their BMI and get healthier as part of its Let’s Feel Good Fylde initiative.

The popular, free Change plan has already helped lots of people shed their unwanted extra pounds.

Residents that want to lose weight and enjoy a new lease of life (with more energy and a better fitting wardrobe) are invited to refer themselves online to start their journey.

Change has a rolling programme each Monday from 12pm to 1pm at Fairhaven Lake and runs eight-week courses throughout the year at Kirkham Community Centre.

There’s also a new evening session launching at Fairhaven Lake on Thursday 7th October from 6pm.

Participants receive a free support booklet as well as group and one-to-one advice about nutrition, exercise and managing weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

Sessions include tips, advice and information about eating well, portion control, food labels, exercise and more – providing all the tools needed to make informed choices for long-lasting health.

Previous attendees have described their success with the programme and comments have included:

  • I would thoroughly recommend this programme for anyone who battles with weight.
  • I can’t thank Sarah enough. She manages the programme in such a positive, enthusiastic and supportive way.
  • Thanks to the healthy eating instructions, hints and tips and support from the instructor, during the 8 week Change Programme, I’ve managed to lose my first stone and reduce my BMI.

Fylde’s Adult Weight Management Officer Sarah Salthouse says: “We’d love to see more people join the programme, we’re very welcoming!

“The course is versatile and ideal for people who have felt daunted by weight loss in the past, as we start with small changes that go on to make a big difference.

“The fact that the course is free means there’s really nothing to lose but the weight. So come along and join us.

“It is great to be part of the Let’s Feel Good Fylde initiative as it brings together everything we have in Fylde, from beautiful parks and beaches for people to exercise and walk in as well as a fantastic community of sport and wellbeing organisations.

“It is never too late to start your journey to a healthier, happier you and we are ready and waiting to help!”

To find out more, visit new.fylde.gov.uk/change or email sarah.salthouse@fylde.gov.uk


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