Fylde Council has begun the process to facilitate the transfer of the Land Charges Register to HM Land Registry.

At a recent meeting of the Executive Committee, Officers presented a report to Councillors detailing the statutory requirement to transfer the responsibility of the Land Charges Register to HM Land Registry.

Historically, The Local Land Charges Registers and associated searches were maintained by individual Local Authorities across England. Established under the Land Charges Act 1925, their purpose is to inform prospective land or property purchasers of any relevant financial claims, restrictions, or decisions affecting a piece of land.

In 2015, The Infrastructure Act was introduced which transferred the responsibility for hosting these registers from Local Authorities to HM Land Registry through a phased approach, which will culminate in the creation of the national Local Land Charges (LLC) Register.

HM Land Registry has allocated a burdens grant of £60,000 to Fylde Council which will assist with the transfer which will be used for temporary resources and alignment activities, and will be made available in 2 instalments.

The Council is currently in the Design and Delivery Phase of the transfer process, which will be followed by data cleansing, modernisation and quality assurance.

Councillor Michelle Morris, Lead member for Customer and Operational Services said:

“We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition during this project to transfer the Land Charges Register to HM Land Registry, and will work closely with them to ensure this. This move aligns with the evolving landscape of land registration, and Fylde Council is dedicated to continuing to modernise services where possible, whilst upholding excellence in service delivery.”


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