The Council is proposing to introduce the use of Body Worn Video (BWV) for Officers engaged in enforcement in areas such as Environmental Health, Licensing and Dog Control.  A successful funding application has been submitted and it is intended to use BWV which has a front facing screen so that any person who is being recorded may view their actions.  The device has also the capability to record sound.

The use of the BWV is to act as a deterrent to acts of aggression or verbal and physical abuse and to provide evidence to assist in the resolution of complaints or to support criminal investigations.

It should be noted that officers, other than the Dog Enforcement Wardens, will not be routinely wearing BWV and it will only be worn following a dynamic risk assessment by the appropriate Officer taking into account the type of activities to be undertaken.  Following a number of complaints regarding dog control, it is intended that those Officers will routinely carry BWV.

However, it should be noted that Officers will not be recording all the time they are carrying out their duties and recording will only take place following a verbal warning issued by the Officer.

A policy has been prepared regarding the use of Body Worn Video WV, should it be introduced together with a Data Privacy Impact Assessment.  To create an effective Privacy Impact Assessment, the Council are therefore seeking the views of the public to identify any concerns or comments prior to the introduction of the BWV.

The consultation form can be found here with a deadline of 30th June 2020 for feedback.