The government has announced that from Wednesday 15th December all persons aged 18 years and older, and those aged 16 years and over who are at risk (including health and social care workers), will be offered a booster dose of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

People in these categories who have had their second dose of vaccine at least 3 months ago will be able to book a booster appointment either by calling 119 or by using the online booking service from Wednesday 15th December. You can also find a walk-in coronavirus vaccination site by entering your postcode on the NHS website here from Monday 13th December.

Even if you haven’t been fully vaccinated yet, it’s never too late to get your first or second jab. Anyone can still book their vaccinations using the same online booking service or at a walk-in vaccination site.

The level of protection provided by vaccines can wane over time. The vaccine boosters are intended to help reduce the risk of hospital admission due to COVID-19 infection, to boost immunity into next year, and may give greater protection against new variants such as Omicron.

Councillor Karen Buckley, Leader of Fylde Council, said: “At a time of year when people yearn to reconnect with family and friends, the Omicron variant is now spreading rapidly across the UK.  I urge everyone to get their booster dose of the vaccine to protect themselves.

“This disease is a threat to us all one way or another.  I’m sure many of us know people whom we considered fit and healthy to have been struck down with Covid and now have long-lasting symptoms.  It isn’t yet known whether Omicron will cause less severe disease in this country.  We need a wall of protection around us all, not one which is ridden with holes to let the virus in.

“The NHS is putting all its efforts behind the vaccination programme.  Please do your bit and get your jab as soon as it is available to you so your Christmas with family and friends is enjoyable and safe.”

The government aims to ensure that all adults who want a booster will be able to receive one by the end of December. The Lancashire Volunteer Partnership and NHS have partnered together to call for volunteer marshals to help achieve this. For more information about the vaccine, please see the central government website advice on vaccine boosters.


Please be aware that at time of writing, the online booking service is currently facing extremely high demand and is operating a queuing system. The NHS advise that anyone who is unable to book now should try again later the same day.


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