Please note, this is not an on-street permit. If you wish to apply for an on street permit, you must do so via Lancashire County Council.

Lancashire County Council’s on-street parking permit is for residents around the Westby St area of Lytham. No other on-street parking permit scheme is currently offered to any other area of the Fylde Borough.

Resident permits – open to Fylde Borough residents only. For £30 per year the Fylde Resident Permit is available to be used on most long stay car parks (excluding Dicconson Terrace) for up to 2 hours (21st March to 31st October) or 4 hours (1st November to 20th March). Long Stay Car Parks included in the scheme are:

  • North Beach
  • North Promenade
  • St Annes Swimming Pool
  • Fairhaven Road
  • Lytham Station
  • Bath Street
  • St Paul’s Avenue
  • Stanner Bank
  • Town Hall (weekends and Bank Holidays only)

Throughout the year the permit can also be used on town centre car parks (including Dicconson Terrace) between 9-11am or 3-6pm. Town Centre Car Parks included in the scheme are:

  • St Annes Square
  • Wood Street
  • Pleasant Street
  • Dicconson Terrace

The permit can be used once per day at a single location. If longer time is required than the time allowed with the permit a pay and display ticket can be purchased.

• Permit can be used once a day on a single car park

• Up to 2 hours on a Standard or Weekend/Bank Holiday Car Park (21st March to 31st October)

• Up to 4 hours on a Standard or Weekend/Bank Holiday Car Park (1st November to 20th March)

• 9-11am or 3-6pm on Town Centre Car Parks

• Parking Clocks must be set to time of arrival and clearly displayed in vehicle windscreen.

• If you require longer than the time provided a pay and display ticket can be purchased. This will be added to the time on the parking clock.

• All standard car park conditions of use apply. Please see each car park tariff board for details. A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued if you stay longer than the time permitted or if the permit is used on more than one car park on a single day.

• A £20 administration charge will be made for replacement permits

• Please note that no renewal letter will be sent when your permit expires

• Fylde Council reserve the right to remove any individual car park from the scheme at any time.