Fylde Council is investing in extra resources to ensure the area is clean and safe for all.

Listening to feedback from residents and visitors, a new community support team has been commissioned to help manage littering, fly-tipping and other anti-social behaviour.

The teams are due to patrols, which will take place throughout the week and at weekends, of the coastal and rural areas at the beginning of July and will be available to speak to members of the public to provide best advice and guidance.

Council Roger Small, Deputy Leader of Fylde Council who is Chairman of the Operational Management Committee, explains, “As lockdown eases, residents are returning to our bustling high streets and beautiful beaches, with many choosing ‘staycations’ over going abroad.

“The recent warm weather has also brought many visitors to the Borough to enjoy all the fabulous scenery, coastline and amenities we have to offer.

“Unfortunately, we have also seen an increase in littering, dangerous BBQs and dog fouling.

“The new team will be on hand every day of the week to offer information and advice about best practice, and will also have the authority to issue fines to those people who actively opt not to use the area’s many bins or pick up after their dogs.”

As part of the team’s training, they are shadowing the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) team to hear first-hand from operatives already in this field.

The new team will also support existing council staff working in operational waste services, parks, street cleansing and community safety departments.

Council Small added: “Having a team dedicated to prioritising these duties, supporting our existing departments, means we can take a proactive approach to keep the entire Borough clean and safe for the enjoyment of all.

“It is very much part of a broader approach to keep Fylde at its best.”


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