Fylde Council recognises how valuable trees are to society as they deliver multiple benefits across a range of areas, and yet, they are often overlooked and under-valued. Ironically, at a time when scientific research is bringing the vital importance of trees to the forefront, we often see trees that have reached their late stages of maturity, are of no amenity value, have outgrown their location or are becoming hazardous. These trees are then removed and unfortunately, they are not replaced as many councils have a non-replacement tree policy.

If non-replacement continues and trees are not replaced there will be a significant impact on our environment as well as the amenity value they provide to the area.

Fylde Council is looking to tackle this through its Trees and Woodland Strategy and in 2018/19 a tree planting budget was established and approved.

This has given us the opportunity to plant 140 trees in several locations including Clifton Drive, Jubilee Way, Deal Place, Forest Drive, Silver Dale Road, King Georges Field, Frobisher Drive and Rodney Avenue. Over time these trees will provide a significant sized canopy cover, an array of benefits to the environment and amenity value to the area.

Our aim is to improve on current tree stock and canopy cover through planting more trees and maintaining high quality tree work. The Council doesn’t have an approved contractor list, but we do source and recommend arborist/arboriculturalist who are affiliated with professional organisations such as the Arboriculture Association.

The Chairman of Fylde’s Planning Committee, Councillor Trevor Fiddler, said “Trees form an important living element of both the rural landscape and the urban townscape of the Borough. Fylde Council has a long-standing commitment to increase the number of trees and to ensure existing trees and wooded areas are properly managed and maintained.  The development of a Trees and Landscape Strategy will bring together the efforts of the council in a single document to ensure that our efforts are directed towards a common goal.”