At a recent meeting of the Tourism and Leisure Committee, Members agreed to take on the management and maintenance of the Spitfire Memorial at Fairhaven Lake.

In 2011 the former Leader of the Council John Coombes approached the Council with a proposal to create and install a permanent memorial in recognition of the local efforts made during World War 2. At the time Members agreed Fairhaven Lake would be the preferred location.

In 2012, a full-sized replica of a Mark VB Spitfire airplane memorial with associated landscaping and lighting was put in place.

Since it’s installation, the Spitfire Memorial has been a popular attraction for visitors to Fairhaven Lake.

In 2020 Mr Coombes approached the Council to advise that there was less funding being generated by the Spitfire Display Team for the upkeep of the Memorial due to a number of factors. Without sustainable funding there was a risk that the Spitfire would need to be removed, and as a result, a request was made to the Council to take over the ownership of the Memorial.

A thorough assessment has been carried out by officers of the Council to consider the ongoing costs of upkeep for the memorial, with annual costs looking to be in the region of £2,000 per year, although periodic costs of maintenance due every 15 years would need to be considered as part of a relevant capital bid process by Members.

The new agreement sets out that the Council will take on ownership of the memorial at no cost, with the Council taking over management and maintenance of the memorial for a minimum period of 10 years.

Paul Walker, Director of Development Services at Fylde Council said: “The agreement by the Tourism and Leisure Committee to take on the ownership and future management and maintenance of the Spitfire Memorial secures its future for at least the next ten years. Fairhaven Lake provides a fitting backdrop to this popular and important attraction.”


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