The Council has launched a public consultation to gain feedback as part of the process to begin sand extraction at St Annes beach again.

Sand extraction from the beach has been in operation since the 1970s. The operational access is via a track to the beach off Clifton Drive North near Thursby Nursing Home and Dune Point where there is a small, fenced compound.

Sand that it is taken off-site is used locally in the manufacture of ready-mix concrete products for use in housebuilding and major construction / infrastructure projects. The site itself has over the years become a very important regional supplier of sand over the time it has been operating, particularly due to the diminishing reserves of land won sand and gravel within Lancashire.

The operation now requires fresh planning permission from Lancashire County Council (LCC) and a Marine Management Organisation (MMO) Licence to allow it to restart.

Following an initial meeting between Fylde Borough Council (FBC) officers and LCC in January 2020 to explain the background to the scheme and seek feedback from LCC officers, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping exercise was undertaken with LCC and the MMO.  Assessment work has since been progressing during 2021. The Council now wish to seek your views on the proposals.

Councillor Karen Buckley, Leader of Fylde Council said:

“Once again we would like to gain the views and feedback of our residents across Fylde to be included as part of the evaluation of re-starting sand extraction from the beach here in St Annes.

Sand extraction has taken place for many years; however, we would like to ensure that if it continues it is in the best interests of everyone involved. This includes ensuring the income from the Licence is re-invested across the Fylde Borough.

Questions within the survey include important matters such as the operational times of the extraction, as well as finding out if you have been affected in any way previously by the sand extraction scheme.

All feedback will be considered as part of the scheme going forward and I would strongly encourage everyone to have their say on the matter.”

The survey is available at There is also the opportunity for you to submit any other comments you wish to in advance of the scheme being finalised and submitted to LCC and the MMO later this year.


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