Fylde Council looks set to invest £105,000 in an overhaul and expansion of the borough’s CCTV system.

The authority’s Executive Committee is set to discuss the funding, including a £25,000 budget increase in the 2023/24 financial year, to improve safety and security across Fylde.

This extra funding, if approved, will be drawn from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Safety Fund, and will be dedicated to enhancing the authority’s CCTV infrastructure, with a specific focus on Fylde’s town centres.

Currently, the council manages fifteen older CCTV cameras in St Annes, Lytham, and Kirkham. These cameras will be replaced with modern units designed for public area monitoring, capable of withstanding the challenges posed by the coastal environment. One notable improvement resulting from this investment is adding another CCTV camera at Lytham Windmill to protect the beloved community landmark.

Cllr Chris Dixon, Lead Member of Social Wellbeing said: “Community safety is absolutely paramount; This proposed investment will upgrade our entire CCTV system, including additional CCTV coverage at Lytham Windmill, providing wider coverage and much higher quality images for the police. The knowledge these areas are covered by CCTV will discourage any anti-social and criminal behaviour, and importantly will also help reassure residents and visitors in a safer environment. I’m delighted to see better provision at our windmill and Lytham Green.”

About the Police and Crime Commissioners Community Safety Fund

The Police and Crime Commissioners Community Safety Fund offers financial support to community projects focused on enhancing community safety. It provides grants ranging from £1,000 to £10,000, enabling local community organizations to implement projects within their respective areas. Find out more here https://www.lancashire-pcc.gov.uk/grant-funding/safer-lancashire-neighbourhoods-fund/community-fund/


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