When Fylde Council were looking to improve their communication channels to help promote a range of activities and events, they discovered a brand-new pioneering system, which is now taking bookings across the country.

With the impact of COVID, the landscape has changed, and events are run and managed differently. Government guidelines now recommend using clear signage and PA/audio announcements to provide additional information to attendees and to reinforce crowd movement messaging.

For Kirkham based Audiebant Mobile this was a case of simply adapting technology they have successfully rolled out to local authorities and the NHS for almost 30 years. And despite the country coming out of a pandemic and an evolving economic landscape, the chase for new business is going from strength to strength.

Allan Oldfield, Chief Executive of Fylde Council said: “We are always looking at new and innovative ways to promote and safely operate our wide range of leisure events and venues.

“The Audiebant Mobile system enables us to communicate clear safety messages across and information about what is available on the day at our range of events.

“We had full control of what information was announced and this was recorded for us in advance exactly how we wanted it, but the text-to-voice technology also gave us the ability to handle any emergency.”

As post-pandemic normality returns, numerous changes are in place at leisure events from a safety perspective with one-way systems in place at entrances and exits, social distancing, hand sanitising stations at entrances and QR code scanning; all can be communicated to customers and event attendees via the Audiebant Mobile system.

And from an economic point of view, it pays for itself by having sponsorship for the business or authority on the actual unit and in advertisements that can be pre-recorded and played out.

Audiebant Mobile Commercial Director Josh Dean said: “We are delighted with our partnership with Fylde Council, and we have worked closely with them to ensure the everything is done for their specific needs.

“We are delighted with their feedback and we hope this will be of interest to many other local authorities, safety groups and businesses.

“Our system is highly adaptable and the built-in text-to-voice technology allows any emergency situation to be catered for at the flick of a switch.”

Audiebant Mobile was recently hired in by the R&A for The Open Golf Championship at Royal St Georges. Around 32,000 people per day attended and whilst closing the event each day, they had problems with the public being moved off-site efficiently. Audiebant Mobile achieved this and much more including promoting future events, food and drink, and merchandise.

In summary, the Audiebant Mobile system is:

  • Ability to generate income via branding on unit and creation of audio advertisements
  • Completely mobile and easy to manoeuvre
  • Sustainable working off solar energy
  • Loaded with both pre-recorded and pre-timed announcements dependent on the time of day
  • Innovative with text-to-voice AI technology to broadcast messages within 20-seconds
  • The ultimate sound experience. With access to over 300 voice-over artists and the best producers, your announcements always sound first class

More information can be found at www.audiebantmobile.co.uk


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