Funding approval has been granted for three public realm improvement project schemes throughout the borough. These projects, made possible through Section 106 contributions, aim to enhance the local communities and provide improved amenities for residents and visitors.

Section 106 contributions play a vital role in UK development. These agreements enable local planning authorities to collaborate with developers, securing contributions for infrastructure and community benefits as part of the planning permission process. The contributions aim to mitigate development impacts and foster community well-being, ensuring holistic development and positive outcomes for residents.

The Executive Committee has approved funding on Tuesday 4th July for the following projects:

Warton Village Centre – Public Realm Improvement Scheme

The Warton Village Public Realm Improvement Scheme, the initial phase of the Warton Village Masterplan, has been granted £75,000 in funding. This investment will bring to life a brand new play area tailored to children aged 4-12. This collaborative scheme, a result of the joint efforts of Fylde Council and Warton Parish Council, signifies a significant start to the Warton Village Masterplan. The implementation of this Masterplan will facilitate the advancement of village enhancements, progressing in phased stages with funding from both Section 106 contributions and the Parish Council.

Wrea Green – Pedestrian Improvement Scheme

The Pedestrian Improvement Scheme in Wrea Green, proposed by Ribby with Wrea Parish Council, has successfully secured £36,705 from planning contributions. This funding will be used for public realm enhancements and improvements to highways pedestrian crossings. Contributions include £26,705 from a public realm obligation associated with the North View Farm housing development and £10,000 from a highways contribution linked to the housing development off Willow Drive. With a formal agreement in place between Ribby with Wrea Parish Council and Fylde Council, these funds are set to be utilised by the 10th March 2030.

Squires Gate Lane – Upgrading of Signalised Junction

Approval has been granted for a fully funded revenue budget increase of £115,000 for 2023/24, entirely financed by Section 106 contributions. This budget will enable the essential upgrade of the signalised junction at Squires Gate Lane and Lytham Road. The funds will be directed towards improving traffic flow and safety, including the upgrade of existing traffic signals and the introduction of pedestrian request facilities. Blackpool Council, responsible for maintaining Squires Gate Lane on behalf of Lancashire County Council, will oversee and carry out the necessary works.

Councillor Richard Redcliffe, Deputy Leader of the Council said “These projects highlight our commitment to creating inclusive and accessible spaces within our communities. By utilising Section 106 contributions, we can enhance the local infrastructure and provide amenities that benefit everyone. We look forward to the positive impact these improvements will have on the lives of our residents.”

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