As this week (5-11 February) is National Apprenticeship Week, we want to show off some of our fantastic apprentices both past and present celebrating what they have achieved and where they are heading in the future. National Apprenticeship Week aims to raise awareness of the many benefits apprenticeships can offer you. It’s a fantastic chance to learn about apprenticeships, explore your options and network. If you or someone you know is looking for an apprenticeship you can find all the information you’ll need to help make your decision and find the right one for you at

Meet our apprentices –


Josh is an Apprentice Building Control Officer here at Fylde Council and here is what he had to say –

“Working with Fylde Council is a great opportunity to learn new skills and grow in your chosen profession whilst having all the support you need from a team of your peers. As an apprentice at Fylde Council, I am constantly seeing new things and gaining experience on the job, whilst attending university to further my career.”


Maisie is a Business Support with Marketing Apprentice currently working within our Economic Development & Communications Team.
Maisie said “Working with Fylde Council provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience and knowledge while achieving a qualification. They encourage thinking outside the box to find solutions and provide a strong network of support for work and for personal well-being.”


Derek is an Apprentice Civil Engineer within our Tech Services Department, he said, –
I had been working for Fylde Council for ten years as a LGV driver. An opportunity opened for an apprenticeship in civil engineering. I had considered engineering when I was younger, and sometimes wish I had taken this route, but I was also conscious of my age.

When you think about apprenticeships you will generally think of young people, particularly school leavers.
Thankfully, I decided to apply for the position, and here I am now undertaking a degree apprenticeship at UCLan, and even better still earning whilst doing it. The training is all paid for you.
The people I work with are fantastic and are very supportive, whether that is support on the job, with studies, or with completing off-the-job training, which is a requirement for the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are fantastic opportunities. You are in full-time employment and receiving training at the same time with a day release to college/university. The qualification you train for, whether it is an HNC/HND or a degree will depend on the qualifications you have obtained from school/college.


Tara has completed her apprenticeship with Fylde and is now ITC Deputy Manager due to her hard work and dedication. Here is what she had to say –

“Fylde Council’s apprenticeship programme has proven to be a transformative opportunity for individuals like myself. Joining the council at the age of 16 in an administrative role, I ascended through the ranks to secure a place in the ICT department. The three-year software engineering degree apprenticeship provided a remarkable platform for growth.

Fylde’s unwavering support was evident as they facilitated one day a week for college and extended time for my dissertation. The result was a first-class honours degree, accompanied by a Certificate of Merit from the prestigious Gold Tech Industry Awards. This academic achievement subsequently propelled me into the role of Deputy ICT Manager. I couldn’t have done it without Fylde Council and My tutors at Blackpool & Fylde College”


Kieran is an Apprentice Mechanic

He said – “I love my apprenticeship at Fylde! The people here make it feel like a second home – a supportive and friendly team that encourages my growth. Learning on the job is such a valuable experience, and every day brings new challenges that help me gain skills I never thought possible. Fylde isn’t just a workplace; it’s a community that fosters personal and professional development. It is so handy to have the opportunity at my doorstep where I have grown up.”


Jake is a Finance Administration Support Officer, here is what he had to say –

“Since joining Fylde Council two years ago, I’ve started my apprenticeship in Finance. My plan is to complete it by 2026 fully AAT qualified. I would recommend starting an apprenticeship to anyone as this route has allowed me to massively increase my knowledge and understanding of the finance functions.

I enjoy working at Fylde as the staff are some of the best people I have worked with and are very supportive of my personal development.”


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