Earlier this year following a public consultation Fylde Council announced plans to build a new kiosk located at Fairhaven Lake. The current kiosk, which has been owned and operated by a local family since the 1970s via a long-term lease and sits upon Council owned land, is popular amongst residents and visitors alike.

The new kiosk was designed to deliver a modern and aesthetically pleasing building that would sit proud amongst the majestic scenery. Constructed from various materials, namely steel, it would provide residents and visitors a place to enjoy a beverage or ice cream whilst taking in the surrounding views of Fairhaven Lake and beyond.

The investment is part of a £25million regeneration scheme that saw improvements to the sea defences, and the new kiosk would further enrich the environment whilst future-proofing Council assets.

Regrettably, due to the complexities of the current market which has caused the cost of building supplies to soar, the scale and nature of the project can no longer be delivered in its present concept due to financial constraints. Since its initial conception, the build costs for this project have increased by 20% which the Council cannot justify.

The desire to continue with the project is great, and the Council is fully committed to delivering a new Fairhaven Kiosk in line with the original budget.

Cllr Michael Sayward, Chairman of Tourism and Leisure, said: “Factors out of our control have called for us to re-think our plans for Fairhaven Kiosk. We are still keen to progress with the kiosk and we are exploring all options that will complement and enhance the surroundings whilst delivering a cost-effective solution.”

Watch this space for further updates.