With Brexit on the horizon you may be hearing more about something called the EU Settlement Scheme. The scheme is designed to make it straightforward for EU citizens and their family members to remain living and working in the UK after the UK leaves the EU. To apply you only need to complete 3 key steps – prove your identity, show that you live in the UK, and declare any criminal convictions.

The Government has recently announced that already, one million EU citizens and their families from across the UK have now been granted settled or pre-settled status under the Scheme.

The deadline for applying will be 31st December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without an agreement – so there is still plenty of time to complete the process, and it’s free to apply to the scheme.

Click here to view and prove your settled or pre-settled status.

The Home Office has 1500 staff working on the Scheme, including a team of people running a dedicated, seven-days a week phone service – The EU Settlement Resolution Centre.

Across the UK, there are also 300 assisted digital locations offering support to those who do not have the appropriate access, skills or confidence to complete the online form. There are also translated materials in 26 languages available.