On the run up to Christmas, Fylde Council Environmental Health team want to work with our businesses and residents to raise awareness of some simple steps that can be taken to protect health and safety for everyone. Read on for our “Elf and Safety” tips! 

Christmas Gifts

It is important to ensure gifts such as household appliances, electricals, toys and cosmetics, etc, are safe for use. The purchase of products displaying the CE Marking from known suppliers is a good start. Be aware of scams, fraud and cheap imitations which could be unsafe, compare products on a “like for like” basis, check product warnings and instructions on use, and be aware of any product recalls. Advice is available on product safety from the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/consumer-product-safety-advice-for-staying-safe

Christmas Lights and Candles

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions. Check wiring, fuses and bulbs, and look out for loose wires. Check light sets are suitable for your intended use (indoor/outdoor use). External lighting sets must be fitted safely and connected to an RCD protected socket. Do not leave lights on overnight or overload electrical sockets. Keep lights away from flammable materials of surfaces. Place candles on a secure base or in a receptacle suitable for the purpose. Never leave candles unattended and extinguish candles and tea lights before bed.

Christmas Cooking

Avoid cooking your turkey overnight. Switch off cooking appliances when unsupervised. Ensure all cooking equipment (such as a deep fat fryer) is fitted with a thermostatic control. Position pan handles in a manner that cannot be knocked off the stove. Ensure tea towels and clothing are kept well away from heat sources. Supervise children at all times and keep them away from cooking areas.

General Safety Tips – Not Just for Christmas!

Household Appliances: Never leave a washing machine, dishwasher or tumble dyer operating overnight. Avoid leaving appliances on electrical standby overnight.

Portable Heaters: Secure heaters at a location away from curtains or other flammable textiles (such as cushions and throws). Do not use to dry clothes.

Electrical Blankets: Always unplug an electrical blanket before getting into bed. Store flat and never rolled when out of use. Follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

Smoking: Never smoke in bed. Use a proper ashtray. Never leave a lit cigarette unattended.

Fire Alarms: Ensure fire alarms are fitted and tested on a monthly basis. Consider whether you can provide additional equipment such as a fire blanket or fire extinguisher that can be used in the event of a fire. Plan the safest route of escape and be as prepared as possible in the unlikely event of a fire breaking out.

For further information on fire safety in the home, speak to your local fire service and see current advice available: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/make-your-home-safe-from-fire/fire-safety-in-the-home-accessible-version

We wish you all a very safe and merry Christmas! 


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