At a recent meeting of the Operational Management Committee, Members agreed to amend the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) for dog control in four locations across the borough from January.

Previously the PSPO requirements were for ‘dogs on leads by direction’ in Ashton Gardens, Lowther Gardens and Fairhaven Lake with a seasonal restriction along the promenade gardens.

The updated measures now require dogs to be on leads at all times in these areas and are set to be introduced from 11th December 2021 in accordance with recent concerns raised by the members of public. Signage will be put in place over the coming weeks to ensure public awareness of these upcoming changes.

Those who fail to comply may receive a fixed penalty notice or could potentially face prosecution.

A recent public consultation revealed that over half of the respondents agreed with dogs being kept on leads when visiting the listed locations which follows a series of tragic incidents that have seen swans and pets injured, sometimes fatally, by dogs off leads.

Chair of the Operational Management Committee Councillor Roger Small commented:

“We continue to introduce measures that ensure Fylde is a safe space for all residents, visitors, and their four-legged friends to enjoy. While we understand that the great majority of dog walkers are responsible when walking their pets, the safety of the public is of the utmost importance to the Council, and we ask that people continue to exemplify the civic spirit that is so characteristic of our residents in making sure our beautiful spaces are safe and welcoming to all.”

PSPO’s can be introduced in a public space to prevent persistent activities that are having a detrimental effect on the quality of life in the locality. Failure to comply with a PSPO can result in a fixed penalty notice of up to £100, or by prosecution with a maximum fine of £1000.

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