Residents and visitors are reminded that the dog exclusion zone on the amenity beach at St Annes starts Good Friday, 15th April until 30th September. During the busy summer period dogs are not permitted on the amenity beach which is located between the slipway for St Annes Lifeboat Station and the northern end of North Promenade car park.

The amenity beach area is relatively small, leaving dog walkers a vast amount of beach stretching towards Squires Gate one way and Lytham Quays in the other direction. Dogs can be freely exercised on the beach outside of this area without any restrictions.

Cllr Roger Small, Chair of the Operational Management Committee, said: “The vast majority of dog walkers are responsible and keep their dogs under control on public land. However, there are odd occasions when dogs that are not properly supervised or kept under control which can cause road traffic accidents, nuisance, or injury to members of the public or other animals.

“Dogs need to exercise off a lead in open spaces for their wellbeing which the council fully endorses and therefore has ensured there is access to public areas and open spaces all year round. The restrictions on the amenity beach are on a limited space for the busy summer season and in place to protect pets and people.”

Legislation is in place across the whole borough for the removal and disposal of dog fouling that requires the person in charge of a dog to pick up and dispose of dog fouling in a bin marked suitable for dog waste. All litter bins in Fylde are multi-purpose and can be used to dispose of both litter and dog fouling. Offenders can get a fixed penalty notice of £100.

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