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Work collaboratively to implement change, implement new and innovative ways to deliver services, maintain service quality and deliver value for money whilst challenging and supporting departments and partners to do the same.

The Chief Executive Office has responsibility for:

  • Performance / Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Data Research & Analysis
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Service self-sufficiency best practice, income generating projects
  • Intranet development, online services
  • Risk Management development
  • Business Continuity awareness support
  • Travellers Enforcement Lead
  • Fracking partnership liaison
  • Apprentice levy coordinator
  • Health & Safety support and coordination
  • Internal external Communications and public relations
  • Community and employee engagement
  • Provision of business support services to Elected Members and Senior Managers
  • Human resources and payroll client management
  • PA Executive support
  • Mayoral & Civic management

The Directorate comprises the following key service areas:


  • Monitoring Officer
  • Legal Services
  • Committee administration
  • Elections and electoral registration
  • Procurement strategy and support
  • Internal Audit
  • Benefit fraud client


  • Chief Financial Officer and Deputy discharging key duties to ensure the proper administration of the Council’s financial affairs
  • Preparation of a Medium Term Financial Strategy, including the identification of material financial risks
  • Manage the accountancy and financial services teams making full use of technology and other resources available
  • Provide high quality advice to senior managers and councillors on financial matters
  • Monitor risk findings both departmental strategic and operational level
  • Establish and maintain business continuity plans within the Authority
  • Establish and maintain emergency planning arrangements within the Authority
  • Deliver revenues and benefits service in partnership with Blackpool Council

Customer Service, ICT Improvement

  • Deliver high performing, modern and robust customer services and TIC
  • Deliver simple, reliable, modern and value for money ICT
  • Enable change supported by ICT
  • Support the delivery of corporate priorities areas across the Council


  • Deliver Community Projects Fund enabling local groups to access funding
  • Administration and support for Working Together with Families, Children’s Trust and CSP Partnership together with the delivery of community based projects

Environmental Health and Housing

  • Delivering homelessness and housing advice services
  • Improving private sector housing in the Borough
  • Protecting the environment by regulating noise, air and water pollution and land contamination
  • Promoting food safety and workplace health & safety through educational & compliance activities
  • Controlling the incidence of pests & fly tipping in the Borough
  • Discharging the licensing functions of the Council with regard to alcohol, hackney carriages & private hire, charitable collections, animal welfare and Caravan site licensing

Waste and fleet services

  • Providing efficient and responsive household and commercial waste collection and recycling services and facilities
  • Increasing the awareness of waste hierarchy, waste prevention and recycling
  • Delivering waste compliance activities including the community dog enforcement service
  • Providing fleet management services across the Council and to partners and residents
  • Provision of public convenience facilities supporting tourism and local community

Technical Services

Providing Technical Services to support and discharge the council obligations. Including:

  • Car park management
  • Land drainage
  • Flood and coastal defence
  • Pumping stations
  • Building control/building regulations
  • Energy & resource management
  • Maintenance of the Council’s property assets including footpaths, amenity lighting and miscellaneous public realm features
  • Local land charges
  • Local Land and Property Gazetteer
  • Street naming and numbering
  • Provision/maintenance of street furniture stock, street nameplates and bus shelters
  • Contribution to the formulation and implementation of the Local Transport Plan
  • Engineering support/project management services to other Directorates
  • The establishment of an asset management plan
  • Continual valuation of the assets and regular monitoring of the use of the assets including acquisitions and disposals

Planning and Regeneration

Providing Development Management services including:

  • Processing of planning applications
  • The Enforcement of Planning Regulations
  • Responding to appeals
  • Gathering of the evidence base to inform policy development planning advice to customers, members and other stakeholders
  • The preparation of Planning Policy Documents, including the preparation of the Local Plan, Support and monitoring of Planning Policy, responding on behalf of the Council to National, Regional and County guidance on Planning policies
  • Deliver economic development services and initiatives including the preparation of strategies and a framework for regeneration, formulation of bids to external agencies to attract funding in respect of the implementation of the regeneration strategies
  • Design of public realm schemes feasibility/concepts/detailing/delivery, urban design services, conservation area reviews; appraisals/policies/designations/management plans/reviews, arboricultural services

Cultural & Leisure Services

  • Managing and developing cultural provision, including leisure and sports services
  • Maximise enjoyment of the coast and countryside as a leisure asset for residents and visitors
  • Providing sympathetic, comprehensive and sustainable bereavement services
  • Provide support to promote local tourism including production and marketing of an annual holiday guide, promotion and facilitation of events, networking with local, regional and national tourism bodies

Parks and Greenspace Services

  • Providing attractive, welcoming, safe, accessible and sustainable parks and open spaces
  • Working with communities to develop and sustain local parks and open spaces through the community parks improvement programme
  • Delivering quality accreditation schemes such as green flag and in bloom
  • Delivering grounds maintenance contracts to external agencies and clients
  • Providing safe, clean and sustainable play, sports and leisure facilities for residents and visitors.
  • Providing clean and safe facilities for club days, festivals and community events