Lancashire County Council elections were held on 4 May 2017. The results for the Fylde divisions can be found below.

Fylde East

CandidateDescription (if any)Number of votes
BOARDMAN, Jayne ClareLabour Party519
OADES, Elizabeth AnnieIndependent1889 ELECTED
RIGBY, Stephen JohnThe Conservative Party Candidate993
Electorate: 10599
Turnout: 34.34%
Rejected ballot papers: 9

Fylde South

CandidateDescription (if any)Number of votes
BRICKLES, Julie AnnIndependent763
FIELDING, Robert Michael GeorgeLiberal Democrats151
MCGUINNESS, Steven Michael>Labour Party499
RIGBY, PaulThe Conservative Party Candidate1779 ELECTED
Electorate: 8817
Turnout: 36.32%
Rejected ballot papers: 10

Fylde West

CandidateDescription (if any)Number of votes
COOPER, Guy CharlesLabour Party372
HARRISON, Beverley SusanLiberal Democrats106
HAYHURST, Paul JosephIndependent1837 ELECTED
PITMAN, SandraThe Conservative Party Candidate1688
Electorate: 10028
Turnout: 41.16%
Rejected ballot papers: 4


CandidateDescription (if any)Number of votes
ASHTON, Tim MaxwellThe Conservative Party Candidate1901 ELECTED
KELLY, JoshuaTrade Unionist & Socialist Coalition15
LLOYD, Roger HenryFylde Ratepayers1375
MARSHALL, ChristineLiberal Democrats238
NASH, Gareth StuartLabour Party380
ROYLE, Duncan JohnThe Green Party Candidate109
WOOD, TimothyUKIP128
Electorate: 10366
Turnout: 40.08%
Rejected ballot papers: 9

St Annes North

CandidateDescription (if any)Number of votes
BUCKLEY, Peter IanThe Conservative Party Candidate2205 ELECTED
HENSHAW, Karen MaureenLiberal Democrats950
STEPHENSON, Peter JamesLabour Party539
TOOTILL, ChristineThe Green Party Candidate198
Electorate: 10167
Turnout: 38.39%
Rejected ballot papers: 10

St Annes South

CandidateDescription (if any)Number of votes
HOLLAND, Andrew PeterLiberal Democrats432
HURLEY, RuthLabour Party651
NASH, Edward JohnThe Conservative Party Candidate2244 ELECTED
ROBERTS, Ian StanleyThe Green Party Candidate343
Electorate: 10379
Turnout: 35.42%
Rejected ballot papers: 10