There is a Lancashire wide document which is issued to Chief Executives and the local risk is based on that document. In line with the current National Risk this is currently at ‘Severe’ and is reviewed both nationally and locally in response to the threat level and measures which can be taken by the Council

There is a County Wide Prevent Delivery Partnership Group which meets quarterly and members are regularly updated with both County and National matters of interest. Prevent is also embedded within the Community Safety Partnership; Safeguarding and Early Action delivery plans.

There is a County wide partnership plan in place along with a terms of reference for the Lancashire Prevent Delivery Group. This group includes the twelve Lancashire Districts and the two unitary authorities .The local plan is embedded within the Fylde Community Safety Partnership Local Action Plan as a priority area.

A  There are clear procedures for referrals which are displayed on the Council Website. These range from completion of the official referral form to a direct telephone number. Additional support and advice is available from the Community Safety Officer.

There is an established Channel Panel in place at Blackburn which is convened when nominals are to be discussed and supported.

At a local level there have been a number of community events delivered as well as in schools and colleges. Local businesses have additionally received input and awareness raising via Operation Griffin which was delivered by the Police in July 2017.In addition to information supplied to all Council Officers and Members Fylde Council is confident that this leads to the opportunity to address any concerns or Prevent Problems.

WRAP training has been delivered to all staff at Fylde Council including elected members. Additionally a Prevent and Counter Terrorism Module was made mandatory in 2017 .All new members of staff are informed of the Prevent strategy.

Fylde Council no longer have any venues to hire out but all event applications are subject to scrutiny in regards to applicants and the purpose of the event. Additionally, emergency planning and charity collections would receive the same attention – Prepare and Protect.

There is a Council IT policy which is signed by all who use the network. Close monitoring of traffic on the website and Intranet ensures that any terrorist related material is reported to the IT administrator.

There is a network of all groups mentioned which are coordinated through the Lancashire Hate Crime and Cohesion Partnership which meets regularly at Lancs Police Headquarters and there is representation on that group by the Community Safety Officer who reports matters back to the Council.

Fylde Council have a defined communications policy which encourages promoting all news and information which impacts on the residents and visitors to Fylde. As a member of the Lancashire Communications Group it ensures that reliable and consistent messages in regard to the Prevent agenda are communicated to communities and businesses in the District.

The annual Section 17 Audit on Safeguarding ensures that the Prevent agenda is included in the measures taken by the council.