The full Council Tax bill assumes there are two people living in the property (as their main home).

Will you receive a discount?

  • If only one person lives in the property, a 25% discount will apply and the Council Tax bill will be reduced by a quarter.
  • If no one lives in the property and it’s unfurnished a discount of 100% can be applied for the first 6 months after which a full charge will become payable followed by a premium if the property is unoccupied and unfurnished for over 2 years, see below for details.
  • You can apply on-line for this discount by clicking the link below or download a printable copy of the form.

Furnished/Second Homes

Furnished/second homes do not qualify for any discount and the full amount is payable

Unfurnished, Unoccupied Long Term Empty Properties

If your property remains unoccupied and unfurnished for over 2 years a premium of 100% will be applied. In the case of 5 years a premium of 200% will be applied. In the case of 10 years a premium of 300% will be applied.

Uninhabitable, Undergoing Major Repair Work to Improve Properties

If a property you own requires major repair work and is uninhabitable you could qualify for up to 12 months discount.  An application is required where special terms apply.  Please see this link for the improvement application form.

I work away; can I claim a discount?

Usually the answer to this question is no. A person will normally be regarded as having their main residence in the property even though they may work away for long periods.

Persons not counted for Discount

When counting the number of adults in a property certain people are disregarded and not counted for discount purposes.

The following persons are not counted:

  • Full time students
  • Persons still in receipt of child benefit
  • Prisoners
  • Youth training trainees
  • Persons who are severely mentally impaired (must be in receipt of one of the following qualifying benefits: ESA, AA, Higher or middle rate DLA, or severe disablement allowance)
  • Carers. Someone who is caring for a person with a disability who is not their husband, wife, partner or a child under 18, or someone who is working for low pay,usually employed by a charity, to provide care
  • School / College leavers aged 18 or 19 who have finished a course of education between 1st May and 30th October
  • Patients in nursing and care homes
  • Hospital Patients who are long term patients
  • Student nurses
  • Persons residing in Hostels
  • Apprentices
  • Members of Religious Communities eg.Monks and Nuns
  • Spouses of Students who are not British citizens and can’t take up employment or claim benefits
  • Diplomats
  • Members of international headquarters and defence organisations

The above is only a broad indication of the persons not counted. A number of conditions may need to be met before the disregard is satisfied. If you require further information please contact the Council Tax section.

How to work out if you qualify for a Discount

Count the number of adults living in your home, who are not in one of the above groups. Do not count persons under 18. If you are left with two or more people you will not qualify for discount. If there is one person you may qualify for a 25% discount. If there are no persons left you may qualify for a 50% discount.