Charting Fylde Council’s Future

The Corporate Plan is an essential strategic document that lays out Fylde Council’s priorities and goals for the coming years. It serves several critical functions:

Why Have a Corporate Plan?

  • Ensures effective resource management by the council.
  • Enables accurate planning to deliver projects and services with sufficient capacity.
  • Provides a focal point for the council to plan its work and a framework for its scrutiny function.
  • Establishes the criteria for evaluating the council’s performance.

Corporate Plan Draft 2024-28

Fylde Council has released a draft Corporate Plan for 2024-28 and is seeking public feedback. The plan outlines the council’s vision and strategic commitments for the borough over the next four years. Vision: Fylde to be a place where people choose to live, work and raise a family, retire and feel safe, visit and want to return.

Our Five Key Strategic Commitments:

  • Quality Services
  • Clean and Green Environment
  • Vibrant and Healthy Economy
  • Safe and Caring Community
  • A Great Place to Visit

Access the draft plan and supporting documents at the following links:

The Corporate Plan 2024-2028 Committee Report – 25/04/2024

Activity Linked to the Corporate Plan Themes

Digital Corporate Plan (Draft) – Fylde Council


The public can provide comments on the draft plan using the online form below until 9 June 2024. Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to offer feedback to refine the objectives before full Council approval in July.

Monitoring Progress

Performance is regularly reviewed to track progress towards achieving the stated objectives. The Senior Management Team and Scrutiny Committee closely monitor key projects, budgets, and performance metrics, taking corrective action as needed for any delays or shortfalls. Mid and annual reports are produced highlighting progress and major achievements.

Reviewing the Plan

The Corporate Plan undergoes an annual review to ensure the key projects and measures remain relevant, important, and aligned with desired outcomes.