Admissible RepresentationsAdmissible Representations
Authorised Local Authority OfficerA Licensing Authority Officer who is an authorised person for a purpose relating to premises in that authority’s area.
Authorised PersonA Licensing Officer and an officer of an authority other than a Licensing Authority, both of whom have been authorised for a purpose relating to premises in that authority’s area. The following are considered authorised persons:

• Inspectors appointed under the Fire Precautions Act 1971;

• Inspectors appointed under the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974

• Inspectors or Surveyors of ships appointed under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995

• A person in a class prescribed in regulations by the Secretary of State
Automated Roulette Equipment2 types:

a) Linked to a live game of chance, e.g. Roulette

b) Plays live automated game, i.e. operates without human intervention
Automatic ConditionsConditions attached automatically to premises licences or authorisations. The Licensing Authority has no discretion not to include or modify them
AWP machinesAmusement with Prizes Machines
BACTABritish Amusement Catering Trade Association
Betting IntermediaryOffers services via remote communication, such as the internet.
Betting RingAn area that is used for temporary ‘on course’ betting facilities.
Betting MachinesA machine designed or adapted for use to bet on future real events (not a Gaming Machine).
BingoA game of equal chance.
CasinoAn arrangement whereby people are given an opportunity to participate in one or more casino games.
Casino GamesGames of chance that are not equal chance gaming.
Casino Premises Licence Categories a) Regional Casino Premises Licence

b) Large Casino Premises Licence

c) Small Casino Premises Licence

d) Casinos permitted under transitional arrangements
Casino Resolution Resolution not to issue Casino Premises Licences
ChildIndividual who is less than 16 years old
Christmas Day PeriodCovers the period of 24 hours from midnight on 24 December
Club Gaming Machine PermitPermit to enable the premises to provide gaming machines (3 machines of Categories B, C or D)
Club Gaming PermitPermit to enable the premises to provide gaming machines (3 machines of Categories B C or D), equal chance gaming and games of chance
Complex LotteryAn arrangement where:

• Persons are required to pay to participate in the arrangement

• In the course of the arrangement, one or more prizes are allocated to one or more members of a class

• The prizes are allocated by a series of processes

• The first of those processes relies wholly on chance
ConditionsConditions to be attached to licences by way of:

• Automatic provision
Regulations provided by Sec. Of State
Conditions provided by Gambling Commission
Conditions provided by Licensing Authority
Conditions may be general in nature (either attached to all licences or all licences of a particular nature) or may be specific to a particular licence
Customer LotteriesLotteries run by the occupiers of business premises who sell tickets only to customers present on their premises. These lotteries may not be conducted on vessels
Default ConditionsConditions that will apply unless the Licensing Authority decide to exclude them. This may apply to all Premises Licences, to a class of Premises Licence or Licences for specified circumstances
Delegated PowersDecisions delegated either to a Licensing Committee, Sub-Committee or Licensing Officers
Domestic ComputerDefinition in forthcoming Regulations. Exempt from a Gaming Machine Permit
DisorderNo set interpretation, however, likely to be connected to the way gambling is being conducted. In the case of gambling premises licences, disorder is intended to mean activity that is more serious and disruptive than mere nuisance
Dual Use ComputerDefinition in forthcoming Regulations. Exempt from a Gaming Machine Permit
Equal Chance GamingGames that do not involve playing or staking against a bank and where the chances are equally favourable to all participants
EBTElectronic Bingo Ticket Minders. Electronic equipment operated by a Bingo Operators Licence for the purposes of playing bingo
Exempt LotteriesLotteries specified in the Gambling Act as permitted to be run without a licence from the Gambling Commission. There are 4 types:

• Small Society Lottery (required to register with Licensing Authorities.

• Incidental Non Commercial Lotteries

• Private Lotteries
• Customer Lotteries
External Lottery ManagerAn individual, firm or company appointed by the Small Lottery Society to manage a lottery on their behalf. They are consultants who generally take their fees from the expenses of the lottery.
Fixed Odds Betting General betting on tracks
GamingPrize gaming if the nature and size of the prize is not determined by the number of people playing or the amount paid for or raised by the gaming. The prizes will be determined by the operator before the play commences.
Gaming MachineMachine covering all types of gambling activity, including betting on virtual events.

Categories | Max. Stake | Max Prize

A | Unlimited | Unlimited

B1 | £2 | £4,000

B2 | £100 | £500

B3 £1 £500

B4 | £1 | £250

C | 50p | £25

D | 10p or 30p* | £5 or £8*

*When non-monetary prize only
Guidance to Licensing AuthoritiesGuidance issued by the Gambling Commission dated April 2006
Human Rights Act 1998 Articles: 1, 6, 8 and 10
Article 1: Protocol 1 – the right to peaceful enjoyment of possessions

Article 6: the right to a fair hearing

Article 8: the right of respect for private and family life

Article 10: the right to freedom of expression
Inadmissible Representation A representation not made by a Responsible Authority or Interested Party
Incidental Non Commercial Lottery
A lottery promoted wholly for purposes other than private game, and which are incidental to non commercial events (commonly charity fund raising events, lottery held at a school fete or at a social event such as a dinner dance).
Information Exchange Exchanging of information with other regulatory bodies under the Gambling Act
Interested Party A person who:

• Lives sufficiently close to the premises to be likely affected by the authorised activities

• Has business interests that might be affected by the authorised activities

• Represents persons in either of the above groups
Irrelevant Representations • Where other legislation can cover the representation

• Demand

• Competition
Judicial Review Where a party believes that the decision taken by the Licensing Authority is:

• Illegal, i.e. beyond the powers available to the Licensing Authority

• Procedural impropriety or unfairness

• Irrational
Judicial Review - Orders1. Mandatory Order – compels the reviewed body to do something

2. Prohibitory Order – compels it to refrain from doing something

3. A ‘declaration’ – sets out the court’s view on the legality of a particular course of action

4. Quashing Order – nullifies a decision and remits it for reconsideration

5. Injunction – similar to Mandatory or Prohibitory Order
Large LotteryWhere the total value of tickets in any one lottery exceeds £20,000 OR tickets in separate lotteries in one calendar year exceeds £250,000. This requires an Operating Licence.
Licensed LotteryLarge society lotteries and lotteries run for the benefit of local authorities which will be regulated by the Gambling Commission. Operating Licences will be required.
Licensing Objectives1. Preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder, or being used to support crime;

2. Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way; and

3. Protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling.
Live Gaming Gambling on a live game as it happens
Lottery An arrangement which satisfies the statutory description of either a simple lottery or a complex lottery in Section 14 of the Act
Lottery TicketsTickets that must:

• Identify the promoting society

• State the price of the ticket, which must be the same for all tickets

• State the name and address of the member of the Society who is designated as having responsibility at the Society for the promotion of the lottery, or, if there is one, the external lottery manager; and

• State the date of the draw, or enable the date of the draw to be determined
Mandatory Conditions
Conditions that must be attached to a licence. This may apply to all Premises Licences, to a class of Premises Licence or licences for specified circumstances.
Members ClubA club that must

• have at least 25 members

• be established and conducted ‘wholly or mainly’ for purposes other than gaming

• be permanent in nature

• not established to make commercial profit

• controlled by its members equally
Non Commercial EventAn event where all the money raised at the event, including entrance fees, goes entirely to purposes that are not for private gain.
Non Commercial Society
A society established and conducted:

• for charitable purposes
for the purpose of enabling participation in, or of supporting, sport athletics or a cultural activity; or
for any other non commercial purpose other than that of private gain
Occasional Use Notice Betting may be permitted on a ‘track’ without the need for a full Premises Licence
Off Course Betting Betting that takes place other than at a track, i.e. at a licensed betting shop
Off Course Betting – TracksBetting that takes place in self contained betting premises within the track premises providing facilities for off course betting, i.e. on other events, not just those taking place on the track. Normally operate only on race days
Operating Licences Licence to permit individuals and companies to provide facilities for certain types of gambling. They may authorise remote or non remote gambling.
Permits Authorisation to provide a gambling facility where the stakes and prizes are very low or gambling is not the main function of the premises.
Personal Licence Formal authorisation to individuals who control facilities for gambling or are able to influence the outcome of gambling. These cannot be held by companies.
Pool Betting – Tracks Betting offered at a horse racecourse by the Tote and at a dog track by the holder of the premises licence for the track
Premises Defined as ‘any place’. It is for the Licensing Authority to decide whether different parts of a building can be properly regarded as being separate premises
Premises LicenceLicence to authorise the provision of gaming facilities on casino premises, bingo premises.

Licence to authorise the provision of gaming facilities on casino premises, bingo premises, betting premises, including tracks, adult gaming centres and family entertainment centres .
Private Lotteries3 Types of Private Lotteries:
• Private Society Lotteries – tickets may only be sold to members of the Society or persons who are on the premises of the Society
• Work Lotteries – the promoters and purchasers of tickets must all work on a single set of work premises
• Residents’ Lotteries – promoted by, and tickets may only be sold to, people who live at the same set of premises
Prize Gaming Where the nature and size of the prize is not determined by the number of people playing or the amount paid for or raised by the gaming. The prizes will be determined by the operator before play commences
Prize Gaming PermitA permit to authorise the provision of facilities for gaming with prizes on specific premises
Provisional Statement Where an applicant can make an application to the Licensing Authority in respect of premises that he:

• Expects to be constructed

• Expects to be altered

• Expects to acquire a right to occupy
RacinoCasino located at a racecourse
Relevant Representations
Representations that relate to the Gambling Licensing Objectives, or that raise issues under the Licensing Policy or the Gambling Commission’s Guidance or Codes of Practice
Responsible Authorities
Public bodies that must be notified of all applications and who are entitled to make representations in relation to Premises Licences, as follows:

• The Licensing Authority in whose area the premises is partly or wholly situated
• The Gambling Commission
• The Chief Officer of Police
• Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service
• Planning Authority – Scarborough Borough Council; or
• Planning Authority – North Yorkshire Moors
• Environmental Health (related to pollution and harm to human health)
• Body competent to advise on protection of children from harm, i.e. Children & Young Peoples’ Service
• HM Revenue & Customs
• Authority in relation to vulnerable adults (yet to be decided by Sec. of State?)
Vessels only – Navigation Authority whose statutory functions are in relation to waters where the vessel is usually moored or berthed, i.e.
• Environment Agency
• British Waterways Board
• Maritime & Coastguard Agency
SIA Security Industry Authority
Simple Lottery An arrangement where:

• Persons are required to pay to participate in the arrangement

• In the course of the arrangement, one or more prizes are allocated to one or more members of a class; and

• The prizes are allocated by a process which relies wholly on chance
Skills with PrizesA machine on which the winning of a prize is determined only by the player’s skill and there is no element of chance, e.g. trivia game machine, Formula 1 simulators, shooting game. Skills Machines are unregulated.
Small LotteryWhere the total value of tickets in a single lottery is £20,000 or less and the aggregate value of the tickets in a calendar year is £250,000 or less
Small Society LotteryA lottery promoted on behalf of a non-commercial society, i.e. lotteries intended to raise funds for good causes
Small Operations Independent on course betting operators with only one or two employees or a bookmaker running just one shop.
SocietyThe society or any separate branch of such a society, on whose behalf a lottery is to be promoted
Statement of Principles Matters taken into account when considering an applicant’s suitability for applications for FEC Permits
Temporary Use Notice To allow the use of premises for gambling where there is no premises licence but where a gambling operator wishes to use the premises temporarily for providing facilities for gambling
Totalisator or TotePool betting on tracks
Touch Bet RouletteWhere a player gambles on a live game of chance without actually being seated.
TrackSites where races or other sporting events take place e.g. horse racing, dog racing or any other premises on any part of which a race or other sporting event takes place or is intended to take place.
Travelling Fair A fair that ‘wholly or principally’ provides amusements and must be on a site used for fairs for no more than 27 days per calendar year
VehiclesDefined trains, aircraft, sea planes and amphibious vehicles other than hovercraft. No form of commercial betting and gaming is permitted
VesselAnything (other than a seaplane or amphibious vehicle) designed or adapted for use on water; a hovercraft; or anything, or part of any place, situated on or in water
Vessel and Relevant Licensing AuthorityThe Licensing Authority for the area in which the vessel is usually moored or berthed
Virtual BettingMachine that takes bets on virtual races, i.e. mages generated by computer to resemble races or other events
Vulnerable Persons No set definition but likely to mean group to include people who gamble more than they want to, people who gamble beyond their means; people who may not be able to make informed or balanced decisions about gambling due to a mental impairment, alcohol or drugs.
Young PersonAn individual who is not a child but who is less than 18 years old