A House-To-House collection permit allows for collections to take place from house-to-house, pub-to-pub, shop-to-shop for a charitable purpose. Collections can either be money or property (e.g. clothes and bric-a-brac).

Anyone collecting for a charity must hold a current permit granted by Fylde Borough Council in order to collect for that charity. The permit must be carried on the person at all times during the collection. No collection can take place until I.D. badges have been issued (available from Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO)) on production of the permit. These MUST also be worn at all times.

There are various conditions that must be followed by the promoter of a House-To-House Collection, including:

  • If money is collected, sealed collection tins must be used.
  • Every promoter of a collection must exercise all due diligence to secure that persons authorised to act as collectors are fit and proper persons; and to secure compliance by collectors with the Regulations.
  • Collections should not be taken up after the hours of darkness so as not to disturb elderly residents. No collector shall importune any person to the annoyance of such person or remain in/at the door of any house if requested to leave by the occupant.