Cooling tower registration

If not correctly managed, the water in cooling towers and evaporative condensers can be a source of legionella bacteria. If inhaled in a water droplet, the bacteria can cause Legionnaire’s disease which is a potentially serious, sometimes fatal, illness.

The law

What do I need to do?

  • Register the tower with Fylde Council. This can be done by completing the online form
  • Appoint a suitably trained responsible person to oversee the system
  • Carry out a risk assessment of the tower water system to look for potential sources of legionella bacteria
  • From the assessment, put controls (both physical and chemical) in place to prevent the growth of legionella
  • Maintain these controls and a monitoring regime to ensure the system remains stable and free from bacterial growth

Further guidance

For more information on legionnaire’s disease please visit HSE Legionnaire’s disease

For specific guidance on the management of cooling towers visit HSE Cooling Towers

Register of Cooling Towers in Fylde (last updated July 2023)



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