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Instructions on how to tender for a Concession

1) Prospective operators of the offered concession are advised to study carefully the draft licence agreement for the concession. This sets out the terms under which the concession is offered but does not form part of the tender documentation.

2) Each applicant must complete and submit one copy of “Application Form” shown at the bottom of this page.

3) The Concessions are available at:

  • Boater’s Kiosk (1 year)

4) You must provide details of Public Liability Insurance to £5.0m, a detailed and specific Risk Assessment for the Concession being bid for.

For all concessions, before trading can commence,  you will need to comply with a minimum Food Hygiene rating of 3

Please note the closing date for applications has now passed

About the Concessions

Boater’s Kiosk

The right to sell ice cream, sweets, non-alcoholic drinks (including hot & cold drinks) and beach goods (including buckets, spades, crab lines, beach balls, beach bat & ball sets, pocket kites) but specifically excluding the sale of hot food.

Evaluation criteria for all Concessions

Bids will be evaluated on the following basis:

• Price – 60%
• Risk Assessment – 5%
• Public Liability Insurance evidence – 5%
• Food Hygiene Evidence (minimum rating 3) – 5%
• Landlord or similar and Bank Reference – up to 10%
• Details of specific experience – up to 15%

Concession NameDurationDraft LicenceLocation / DetailsImage(s)
Boater's Kiosk1 yearDownloadDownloadImage1

Image 2

Image 3

Please note we now charge a fee to arrange a licence: £350 for a licence of 12 months or £500 for a licence of more than 12 months

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