The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 empowers Local Authorities to deal with privately owned derelict buildings which have become insecure and open to public access.

The Development Services Directorate has responsibility for ensuring that reported derelict and insecure buildings are dealt with so that no threat is posed to people in the vicinity.

Once a report is received by email, an Officer will visit the site as soon as possible to assess the condition of the building and determine whether or not action should to be taken. If the building is both derelict and insecure then a notice will be sent to the owner giving them 48 hours to secure their building. If the owner can not be traced within a reasonable period or if the building presents an immediate danger to the public then the Council will arrange to have the building secured.

In situation’s where a building or other structure is dangerous the Council’s Building Control Officers would investigate and take appropriate action.