An additional £20,000 has been recommended by Fylde Council’s Operational Management Committee to fully realise the refurbishment of Stanner Bank public conveniences into an accessible and welcoming new amenity. 

The original approved 2022/23 Capital Programme included a budget of £58,000 for the refurbishment of the toilet block to improve accessibility and renovate the structure in keeping with the improvements taking place across the heritage park as part of the Fairhaven Lake and Garden Restoration Project. 

Cllr Roger Small, Chairman of the Operational Management Committee, said: “The programme of renewal across Fairhaven has brought numerous improvements to the landscaping and buildings, including the renovation of the operational boat house, beautiful new heritage lighting, and the rediscovery of the Japanese gardens.  

It’s only fitting that these dated public conveniences also be renovated, ensuring that Fairhaven Lake and Gardens are fully accessible to all visitors and residents.” 

The design proposal would utilise the grass sloped area to the rear of the toilets, joining the lakeside through the centre of the two buildings by removing the covered seating area and erecting a new decorative wooden pagoda. The path from the car park would be modified to cater for disabled access, and planted borders alongside the path would address the current lack of landscaping. 

Following the procurement exercise, the original budget allocation been found insufficient to deliver the stepped approach to the public conveniences, create appropriate disabled access to the lake from the middle car park and tarmac the area around the toilet block. 

Subject to approval from the Finance and Democracy Committee and pending contractor availability, the project is anticipated to commence on site from early August 2022, with an estimated completion of September 2022. 


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