A new scheme to help vulnerable residents keep their homes warm has been introduced by Fylde Council and applications are now open. 

The Affordable Warmth Grant allows qualifying residents to apply for up to £2,000 per household to cover the cost of modifications to improve energy efficiency and reduce the cost of fuel bills. 

The grant, funded through an allocation from Lancashire County Council, is aimed specifically at those vulnerable residents most at risk of harm from cold or damp homes, such as young children or people who suffer from respiratory illness. 

Cllr Thomas Threlfall, Chairman of Fylde Council’s Environment, Health and Housing Committee, said: “I am very pleased that Fylde Council can offer this assistance to vulnerable households across the borough. The current cost of living crisis and the rising cost of energy is affecting us all, and alongside the ECO4 and ECO-Flex schemes, Fylde Council are in an excellent position to provide support keeping warm to those residents who most need it.” 

In order to qualify, residents must be a homeowner over the age of 18, and meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • You are in receipt of a Disabled Facility Grant (DFG) award 
  • You have a long-term health condition that means you are clinically extremely vulnerable (particularly diagnosed respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or childhood asthma) 
  • You are unable to return home from hospital until a working heating system is in place 
  • You are pregnant or you have a child under the age of 5 
  • You have a household income of less than £31,000 and your household savings are less than £12,000 

The list of eligible works includes: 

  • Servicing and repairs, replacement boilers and heating systems and associated works, including controls and unsafe heating systems 
  • Repairs to new radiators and radiator reflectors 
  • Removal of failed cavity wall insulation and ventilation measures 
  • Loft insulation 
  • Failed glazing improvements 
  • Emergency heating and dehumidifier measures 
  • Portable heaters for use whilst heating systems are repaired 
  • Advice on fuel poverty, how to reduce costs through fuel switching, income maximisation, managing fuel bills & debts, warm home checks 
  • Additional and targeted work with landlords to improve properties 
  • Energy top-up vouchers/fuel cards 
  • Carbon monoxide monitors 

The Affordable Warmth Grant is a fixed funding stream, and will end 31 March 2023, or sooner should the funding be exhausted. 

For more information about the Affordable Warmth Grant, and to submit an application, visit the Fylde Council website. 


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