Fylde Council’s Executive Committee has approved the payment of a £30,000 grant to Freckleton Parish Council as a contribution towards replacing the roof of the Rawstorne Sports Centre. 

The grant will contribute towards the estimated £39,180 cost of the works, with the remainder coming from a separate grant and Freckleton Parish Council’s financial reserves. 

The Rawstorne Sports Centre is used by numerous sports teams and local organisations, as well as hosting social and community events such as christenings, charity fundraisers, Club Day and more. 

In 2023, the building experienced electrical issues which were determined to be caused by a leak in the roof. Despite emergency repairs at the time, issues such as rotten roofing battens and failed tiles meant the building was no longer waterproof, with parts of the roof still leaking and leaving the centre unable to operate at full capacity. Freckleton Parish Council – who own the building – approached Fylde Council to ask for financial assistance. 

Cllr Ellie Gaunt, Lead Member for Finance and Resources, said: “We’ve all been reminded in recent years of the value of community spaces where people can comfortably share time with each other, whether as a sports team, a youth club, a birthday party, or any of the various other gatherings that the Rawstorne Sports Centre has been home to. 

”We’re pleased to be able to help Freckleton Parish Council with the repairs to the roof, to restore the centre to its rightful place as a community centrepiece.” 

A legal agreement is to be signed by both parties prior to payment being made, to ensure the funding is used in accordance with funding bid as submitted. 

Once the grant is paid, it is the intention for the repair works to be performed in Spring/Summer 2024. 


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