Fylde Council will be carrying out improvements on Pleasant Street car park, aimed at enhancing the parking experience for all users. Starting on Monday 3 July, the Council will be starting work to increase the size of the parking spaces, with an estimated completion date of 24 July 2023.

This decision was made in response to valuable feedback received from regular car park users. The primary objective is to improve accessibility and prevent potential damage to parked vehicles caused by narrow spaces, particularly considering larger, modern vehicles. While a small number of parking spaces may be affected, the overall outcome will greatly benefit all users.

Extensive research was conducted to explore various methods of removing the current markings, including burning, mechanical options, and sand blasting. However, these were deemed unsuitable due to the potential damage to the current block paving surface. The chosen method involves replacing individual blocks with the markings intact.

A contractor has been appointed to carry out the work, along with other repairs to the car park’s surface. To ensure minimal disruption, the work will be carried out in phases, sectioning off the parts of the car park that will be worked on, with each section estimated to take approximately one week (subject to change) to complete. This work is estimated to finish by 21 July 2023.

As the individual blocks are replaced and sections reopened, there will be no defined parking space markings. However, the difference in colour of the new blocks will help indicate appropriate parking spaces. Once all work is finalised, the new layout will be marked in its entirety. The final marking stage will require the front section of the car park to be closed for approximately half a day, provisionally scheduled for the morning of Monday 24 July.

Leader of Fylde Council, councillor Karen Buckley said “The upcoming new layout of the car park is set to enhance the user experience, providing greater ease for both locals and visitors to enjoy the beautiful town of Lytham. We are delighted to continue improving user access to all areas of Fylde, and while a brief period of inconvenience may be experienced during the implementation phase, we assure users that the final result will be worth the wait.”

For more information about car parks in Fylde, visit the Fylde Council website.



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