Fylde Council will be focusing on mental wellbeing during the fourth week of its Let’s Feel Good Fylde initiative.

Health and Wellbeing Officer at Fylde Council, Edyta Paxton, has pulled together an online directory of services that can provide support and assistance to anyone who is experiencing poor mental health as well as information on friendship groups and volunteering opportunities.

From taking advantage of social prescribing services at Lytham St Annes Primary Care Network to connecting with Fylde’s own Laugh Live Love CIC and Just Good Friends groups, which promote the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health and wellbeing of older people in Fylde, there are a multitude of organisations ready and waiting to help.

In addition, there are links to groups that can help with isolation as well as organisations that enable people to get involved in volunteering to boost their self esteem and get them out and about in the community.

Edyta Paxton has been working to ensure that people can easily access support when they need it. She said: “Looking after our mental health has been more important than ever before during the last 18 months as we all navigated very stressful and unfamiliar situations.

“From feelings of anxiety and fear to being isolated from those we love and not being able to do what we enjoy; the pandemic was a massive challenge for everyone.

“As part of our Let’s Feel Good Fylde initiative we think it is important to address and acknowledge how mental wellbeing can have a huge impact on our physical wellbeing, so we have pulled together a list of all the wonderful organisations that can help.

“From support services to groups that can signpost you to places where you can meet new people and get involved with volunteering, there is something for everyone.

“There are lots of ways that people can take some initial steps to improve their mental health, and one of the easiest and quickest is to get outside in the fresh air and really appreciate the stunning beaches, parks, green spaces and beautiful scenery here in Fylde.

“Taking up charitable work or getting involved with local groups carrying out litter picking are another great way to boost your esteem, helping others really does give you a huge sense of pride.

“We would welcome suggestions and additions to the webpage so we can ensure that it is as comprehensive as possible.

“The Let’s Feel Good Fylde campaign has allowed us to raise awareness of organisations and groups that are dedicated to helping the people of our wonderful borough and this week’s wellbeing focus is an integral part of that help.

“Next week will see the Fylde Sports Festival burst into life in the borough and I can’t wait to see everyone having a great time!”

For more information about Let’s Feel Good Fylde, including links to the new Mental Health and Wellbeing support page, the Fylde’s Sports Directory, Weekly Timetable, parks and coastal information and much more, please visit www.fylde.gov.uk/feelgoodfylde


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