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  • £2m Grant Awarded For Granny’s Bay Sea Defences

Fylde Council has managed to secure another £2m grant from the Environment Agency to allow for Granny’s Bay to be redeveloped as part of the Sea Defence Project; bringing the overall Scheme value to £21,825,000.

The formal grant letter was received on 4th September 2018 and allows the sea defence walls at Granny’s Bay to be replaced along with the current work at Fairhaven and Church Scar headlands. Essentially connecting the headlands that will protect over 2,400 residential properties from coastal erosion and flooding for the next 100 years.

Negotiations are underway with VBA Ltd, the contractors working on Fairhaven and Church Scar currently, who have been commissioned to produce the detailed design.

At the moment great progress is being made at both sites. Church Scar is nearing completion with a planned finish of December 2018 and work is now starting at Fairhaven which is three months ahead of schedule, with a planned finish in October 2019.

The project being ahead of schedule is partly down to the great weather from over the summer, making conditions easier for the contractor to get the work done; but also due to strong programming and site management.

Cllr Roger Small, Chair of the Operational Management Committee, said “We’re thrilled to have obtained this further funding that puts the last piece of the jigsaw into place at the Fairhaven to Lytham stretch of coastline.

“It’s fantastic that the scheme not only protects the residents properties from falling into the sea, but also is going to give the public a natural looking, high quality public realm that blends into our beautiful coastline.”

Cllr Thomas Threlfall added “I’m working closely with the project team and it’s great to see that we’ve managed to secure another £2m to replace the ageing defences at Granny’s Bay too.”

The Sea Defence Project is replacing the sea defence walls, as the existing coastal defences are time expired and have been failing. The current concrete coast defences were built in the 1890s and have been undergoing emergency repairs every year to prevent a major breach.

The project will provide new coast protection as well as an upgrade to the promenades to help protect from flooding and make sure the area is both a great place to live and visit.

Residents and visitors are reminded that throughout the duration of the works there will still be access to Fairhaven Lake, however St Paul’s Car Park will be closed from 29th October 2018 to 30th November 2019.

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