Motorhomes may soon be able to park overnight in designated bays on Fairhaven Road Car Park, as part of an 18-month trial period to test the location’s suitability for long-term provision.

The changes are being proposed to address concerns from residents and local hoteliers regarding the number of motorhomes parking on the promenade.

If approved, until Autumn 2024 the Fairhaven Road will join the list of Fylde Council-operated car parks offering overnight parking to a limited number of motorhomes, alongside St Pauls Avenue, St Annes Swimming Pool Car Park, North Promenade, and North Beach.

The Fairhaven Road Car Park was initially considered as a location to be included in the Overnight Motorhome scheme by the Car Park Working Group in 2020/21, but from November 2020 until May 2022 it was host to a COVID facility which precluded its use.

Eight 7m overnight motorhome bays are to be created by merging existing bays, chosen for their distance from neighbouring residential properties and businesses. The Council’s intention is for the new bays to be ready for the start of the summer season. Regardless of whether the pilot goes ahead, Fairhaven Road Car Park will close in Autumn 2024 to facilitate the construction work on the St Annes Sea Defences.

Cllr Michelle Morris, Fylde Council’s Lead Member for Customer & Operational Services, said: “Our overnight motorhome scheme across our other parking locations has been a great success, such that many other Councils cite Fylde Council as the standard to follow when introducing similar schemes of their own.

“As a Council, we empathise with resident concerns about motorhomes on the promenade. We remain in consultation with Lancashire County Council, who hold responsibility for setting and enforcing on-street parking in our district, and by extending the overnight motorhome scheme to Fairhaven Road Car Park we will be reducing the number of motorhomes parking on the road while still welcoming visitors.”

As part of the process to implement these changes, the Council will need to amend the car park Traffic Regulation Order through a Notice of Proposal. These are displayed in print media and on our website here from Thursday 22 June.

Members of the public are invited to submit any objections in writing within 21 days of the notice being published, giving them until Friday 14 July to respond. The documents are also available to be inspected within the Town Hall.

Any objections will be carefully considered before the proposed amendment is progressed.

Motorhomes can continue to park in any standard bay at standard fees on all Fylde Council operated long-stay car parks, with restrictions only applying to those overnight. Other vehicles will be restricted from parking in the motorhome overnight spaces.

For more information about car parks in Fylde, including charges and the maximum motorhome vehicle lengths permitted at different overnight car parks, visit the Fylde Council website.


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