How does it work?

Once you have found an affordable property, you will need to provide your Housing Officer with the following information:
  • Property address
  • Landlord/agent information
  • Weekly rental cost
  • Total bond or Rent in Advance required
Your Housing Officer will complete a Help to Rent form which will be passed to our Affordable Housing Officer. An inspection…

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The Department of Works and Pensions have provided us further Household Support Fund (HSF) funding to allow us to provide financial support to households who haven’t previously received a HSF payment, aren’t in receipt of social benefits and therefore haven’t received any of the cost of living payments made by the Department for…

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What is the 'duty to refer'?

This duty to refer places a statutory responsibility on public authorities in England to notify a local housing authority (LHA) of applicants they think may be homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless within 56 days.

Public authorities with a statutory duty to refer

The public authorities specified in the Homelessness Regulations…

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