We’d like to clear up some confusion regarding the beaches and water quality here in Fylde.

The Environment Agency provides an annual classification of water quality, but daily fluctuations in water quality can and do occur. Where these are influenced by factors such as the weather or tide, the EA makes pollution risk forecasts (PRF) at sites where it is possible to do so. This lets bathers know when a temporary reduction in water quality is likely, so you can make an informed decision before deciding whether to bathe on a given day.

You can check the bathing water quality at St Annes beaches, as well as over 400 beaches across the UK here: Bathing water quality (data.gov.uk)

Recently published data widely circulated by Business Waste does not give a realistic picture of bathing water quality in St Annes. The data does not use the formally adopted method for rating the quality of bathing waters in England and the rankings published by Business Waste should be treated with caution.

Although the bathing water quality was affected at St Annes North recently, the advice against bathing was temporary. The Environment Agency makes daily predictions of pollution risks in our bathing waters during the bathing season. These inform the public of increased pollution risk through signs displayed at the bathing waters. These warnings are short-term pollution events that have clearly identifiable causes which are not normally expected to affect water quality for more than approximately 72 hours.

The bathing water quality at St Annes Pier, which has again been awarded the Seaside Award for 2022 by Keep Britain Tidy, has been consistently classified as ‘good’.

The criteria to achieve the award includes consistent bathing water quality, litter management, and the availability of life-saving equipment. The full list of criteria to achieve the award can be found here: Seaside Award Criteria (theseasideawards.org)

Whilst we continue to work with our partners at the Environment Agency and United Utilities to improve the water quality at St Annes North, we would also like to proudly shout about the fantastic beach we have at St Annes Pier, which is recognised annually with the prestigious Seaside Award.

The achievement of the award is made possible by the continued hard work of both Fylde Council employees as well as the fantastic groups of volunteers who are out daily helping to clean up our coastline.